Friday, July 8, 2011

Puli Vada

This a really simple and simply superb recipe taught to me by my friends mom Jalajaka , it really tastes awesome and has a big advantage where we can keep the vada dough for at least one week in fridge  and still it turns out  awesome. A must try snack.


One cup rice ( Ponni or basmathi or raw rice) : wash and soak it for 2 hours
Tamarind : one big lemon size
Whole Red chillies : 6 nos
Curry leaves a few
Fresh Coconut scrapped : Two handful or half coconut
Salt to taste and oil for frying


1. Remove all the water from thee soaked rice and dry grind the rice without adding water to a course powder and dont make it very fine and keep aside.
2. Grind in the mixi with little water , coconut, redchillies, curry leaves and tamarind like chutney and salt keep aside.
3. Now add the chutney to the rice powder and mix well with hand so that you get a thick dough like muruku dough even thicker than that and now make small balls and take a plastic bag and rub oil on it and make the ball flat with hands and the vada should be thick and deep fry it in hot oil in medium heat . It will swel up like pooris.

Serve hot with plain coconut chutney and even it tastes great when eaten with no side dips.

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  1. This dish is my all time aunty used to do it for me..i enjoyed eating in the vacations...i was looking for the recipe...thanks for posting it...