Thursday, December 22, 2011

Crunchy Jelaibi


1 cup Maida
1 tsp level baking powder
(sieve both maida and baking powder  so that they mix in well together)
2 pinch yellow food colour
3 cups sugar
1 ½ glass water
cold water to mix


1. Make the sugar syrup, let it cool completely, it should be thick, only then the jalaibi will get it’s taste.
Mix the flour, with the food colour and mix it with COLD water, it will start turning very sticky like a glue, keep mixing strongly with a whisker till the batter is very creamy but not runny.

2. You can use the icing set which is used for cakes and fix the tinniest nozzle on it as when you drop the batter in the oil it will raise in size so better use the smallest one, now heat the oil, fill in the icing device, and go round round with it dropping it in the oil and make the form of jelabi  or use  a plastic sheet and make it like a cone and fill it with batter and make a thin hole in the nob and use it .

3. Don’t fry too long you will feel as the colour changes to a light brownish orange, take it out and put it directly in the syrup BUT take it immediately out after 4-5 seconds!! If it stays long it will become very soggy, to have it crunchy you have to hurry, place them on a grill so that the extra syrup runs out, don’t cover them they will stay crunchy 100% !!!

Now enjoy crispy Jelaibis  :)

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